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Paranormal Society World is doing old school research in the popular mouth! No weird equipment that claims to be able to record paranormal phenomena. The members of Paranormal Society World all learn to conduct research in a realistic manner.

This means interview, religion, history, structures, data collection, sound and image recording, psychic, statistic (etc.) research. We also work with specialists outside our barriers. That provide us with additional information or insights.

Material we use, IR cameras, HD cameras, measuring equipment, forms, various sound equipment, Melmeters (etc.) Distinguish us from apps, trendy equipment and other inadequate instruments that have nothing to do with paranormal research.


Our statistics also show that a paranormal phenomenon is very small to experience. Our research shows that very few paranormal activities take place in inhabited houses. Activity can be found more in spaces that are abandoned and or with an enormous history.
  • Poltergeist & demonic activity 0.2 %
  • Psychological complaints 28.0 %
  • Alcohol & drugs use  20.1 %
  • Resdual hauntings 0.4 %
  • Intelligent hauntings 0.4 %
  • Daily issues 50.9 %

-Hauntings, Entities, Ghosts, Spirits

- Every answer is subjective, open to opinions! Everyone is framing his vision into a framework. As worked out in the circles.

-To be able to do this, we will have to deal with and understand the frameworks and terms. So that we all come to a statement that has been described for a long time and does not frame things that do not exist.

-Technically everything is different!



  •     It is not what is reported as paranormal but does not have to be. If one can debunk it is a daily problem. But that is not yet qualified.
  •    We confirm a haunting as to what can be proven. So if there is really paranormal activity present.



  •     Some paranormal activities that are observed by someone who can sense this with his senses. This is not a fantasy-rich perception.
  •     Human perceptions that said in a certain way mention such as angels, elements.
  •     Demonic activities, negative activities.
  •     Footsteps may have been from a person of life. (sound)
  •     Sound
  •     Voice may have been from a person of life. (sound)



  •     Resdual haunting
  •     You see what is actually present
  •     Twins
  •     Deceased human with no emotions or interactions.
  •     Poltergeist activities
  •     Footsteps may have been from a person of life. You actually see someone walking.
  •     Voice may have been from a living person. You actually see someone talking.



  •     Psychological haunting
  •     Definition of spirits is emotion and character
  •     Intelligent haunting, the intelligence of the intangible is needed!
  •     It has a human way of thinking, experience or emotion.

Nothing at all (Case Closed, debunked!)


  •     Orbs
  •     Light phenomena
  •     Insects, flower spray, rain etc. for the camera lens.
  •     Shadows are accidentally photographed.
  •     Drugs and alcohol
  •     Illness or medication use
  •     Sleep paralysis (heck syndrome)

Three round investigation

  1. Demonology round: Demonologist walks with the cameraman and paranormal researcher through the location. The demonologist debuts as many things as possible that could be brought forward in advance. ASMR, transfiguration and intelligent tests are performed. All the material that is made becomes debunking. If open questions arise from this, the round is repeated. If nothing remains, the investigation continues!
  2. The intellectual round: We try to explain this round through testing and focusing on the phenomenon. This is done through material deployment! In this way, trigger objects attempt to provoke a reaction to the phenomenon. We also use other means to come into contact with the phenomenon. All the material that is made becomes debunking. If open questions arise from this, the round is repeated. If nothing remains, the investigation continues!    
  3. This is the moment that the investigator will do their job. EVP and ITC sessions, IR cameras are used, photos are made. All the material that is made becomes debunking. If open questions arise from this, the round is repeated. If nothing remains, the information goes to the demonologist!    
  4. The demonologist examines everything and makes a final conclusion of which information is relevant for the requesting party.

Gert J.

Gert J. 'Ursinho'

Demonologist, paranormal researcher, Founder P.S.W. and T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Simon 'The Viking'

Lead-Investigator, Co-Founder, Board member P.S.W. & T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Tessa 'Fascination'

Assistant-Demonologist, Co-Founder, Board member P.S.W. & T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Peter 'The Drive'

Investigator, Family Member


Patricia (In Silence)



Vicki 'Vixster'

Paranormal Researcher International Consultant


Paul 'The Lord'

Paranormal Investigator International Consultant


Nigel 'The Web'

Paranormal Specialist, Member of T.E.A.O.E.A.D.

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