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Gert J. Brouwer is born and raised in the Brabant town of Roosendaal. He is now living in the city of Breda in Brabant in the Netherlands. He has been intrigued by the paranormal since childhood. Studied the paranormal for years! Be recognized by his vast experience and knowledge for four decades now. In the UK he also bears the title Lord!

His life was full of fun and unpleasant experiences, drama, inexplicable moments and many changes. To develop his senses, he had to walk a path of learning, believing, trusting, feeling, acknowledging and believing in the immaterial.

"You must accept who you are! To believe who you are. "

It was also not easy to accept that at a young age he actually had the feeling that he had to behave as adults. The Paranormal brought this to him! His feeling was already well developed and produced a lot of information.

Through his development, he took control of this. That is why he was happy that he was allowed to do this trip with some other special people. Proud of who he is and maybe today.

Because of his curiosity and eagerness to learn, it has not bothered him. In the Netherlands, he was already allowed to work with well-known Dutch people, scholars, authors, journalists, various institutions, spiritual and paranormal people. He is also a welcome guest in other countries. From the UK to the United States and to Australia. In the United States where he had the opportunity to teach, do TV shows, research and transfer information. Wherever he does this throughout Europe! Transferring his knowledge through courses, workshops, lessons and giving lectures about his work methods. He also tells about his special cases that he has investigated.

As a demonologist medium | exorcist he studies religions, psyché, history, paranormal phenomena, hauntings, technology and combines the different structures.

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Gert J.

Gert J. 'Ursinho'

Demonologist, paranormal researcher, Founder P.S.W. and T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Simon 'The Viking'

Lead-Investigator, Co-Founder, Board member P.S.W. & T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Tessa 'Fascination'

Assistant-Demonologist, Co-Founder, Board member P.S.W. & T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Peter 'The Drive'

Investigator, Family Member


Patricia (In Silence)



Vicki 'Vixster'

Paranormal Researcher International Consultant


Paul 'The Lord'

Paranormal Investigator International Consultant


Nigel 'The Web'

Paranormal Specialist, Member of T.E.A.O.E.A.D.

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