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The European Association of Exorcism and Demonology was founded in 2015!

Gert J. Brouwer is the founder of this organization! In addition to investigating, he also does some solving. This is a commercial goal end. The research is non-profit but the solution is not.

The association offers help with the mapping of a paranormal claim or a haunting. If this claim contains an active effect, you can appeal to Gert.

The demonologist will map what and create a file! This will contain the client's details, such as interview, psychological view of the claim and a possible paranormal approach. If what does not contain paranormal activity, the case will stop. If this is the case, it will be referred to the exorcist.

The exorcist will look into the matter! Upon assumptions, he will go through the matter and contact the relevant person. Make an appointment and handle the case. For each case it is immediately considered whether care should be provided after care. This can be done by the exorcist and or by an external party. The exorcist will recommend a third party to provide after care.

Gert J.

Gert J. 'Ursinho'

Demonologist, paranormal researcher, Founder P.S.W. and T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Simon 'The Viking'

Lead-Investigator, Co-Founder, Board member P.S.W. & T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Tessa 'Fascination'

Assistant-Demonologist, Co-Founder, Board member P.S.W. & T.E.A.O.E.A.D.


Peter 'The Drive'

Investigator, Family Member


Patricia (In Silence)



Vicki 'Vixster'

Paranormal Researcher International Consultant


Paul 'The Lord'

Paranormal Investigator International Consultant


Nigel 'The Web'

Paranormal Specialist, Member of T.E.A.O.E.A.D.

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